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  1. Durette-Morin, D., Evers, C., Johnson, H., Kowarski, K., Delarue, J., Moors-Murphy, H., Maxner, E., Lawson, J., and Davies, K.T.A.  2022. The distribution of North Atlantic right whales in Canadian waters from 2015-2017 revealed by passive acoustic monitoring. Frontiers in Marine Science. DOI 10.3389/fmars.2022.976044 

  2. Lonati, G., Hynes, N., Howe, K., Durette-Morin, D., Brown M., and Davies, K.T.A. 2022. Observations of adult-calf nonreproductive copulatory behavior in North Atlantic right whales. Aquatic Mammals 48(6): 639-645

  3. Meyer-Gutbrod, E., Davies, K.T.A., Johnson, C.L., Pluorde, S., Sorochan, K., Kenney, R., Ramp, C., Gosselin, J.-F., Lawson, J., and Greene, C. 2022. Redefining North Atlantic right whale habitat use patterns under climate change. Limnology and Oceanography 9999: 1-16. Special Issue: Cascading, interactive and indirect effects of climate change on aquatic communities, habitats and ecosystems.

  4. Meyer-Gutbrod, E., Greene, C., Davies, K.T.A. and Johns, D.G. 2021. Ocean regime shift is Driving Collapse of the North Atlantic Right Whale Population.  Oceanography 34(3): 22-31. (Feature and cover article).  

  5. Ruckdeschel, G., Davies, K.T.A. and Ross, T. Accepted. Biophysical drivers of zooplankton variability on the Scotian Shelf observed using profiling electric gliders. Frontiers in Marine Science.  Proofs submitted 22/07/2020. 

  6. N.R. Record, J.A. Runge, D.E. Pendleton, W.M. Balch, K.T.A. Davies, A.J. Pershing, C.L. Johnson, K. Stamieszkin, R. Ji, Z. Feng, S.D. Kraus, R.D. Kenney, C.A. Hudak, C.A. Mayo, C. Chen, J.E. Salisbury, C.R.S. Thompson. 2019. Rapid climate-driven circulation changes threaten conservation of the endangered North Atlantic right whale. Oceanography 32(2): 162-169. DOI: 10.5670/oceanog.2019.201 

  7. Davies, K.T.A., Brown, M.W., Knowlton, A., Hamilton, P, Taggart, C and Vanderlaan, A. 2019. Variation in occurrence of North Atlantic right whales Eubalaena glacialis in the Bay of Fundy, Canada, over three decades. Endangered Species Research 39: 115-127. DOI: 10.3354/esr00951 

  8. Durette-Morin, D., Davies, K.T.A., Johnson, H., Moors-Murphy, H., Martin, B., and Taggart, C.  Passive acoustic monitoring predicts daily variation in North Atlantic right whale presence and relative abundance in Roseway Basin, Canada.  2019. Marine Mammal Science 000:1-24. DOI: 10.1111/mms.12602 

  9. Coristine, L., Colla, S. McCune, J., Bennett, N., Carlsson, A., Davy, C. Davies, K.T.A., Favaro, B., Flockhart, T., Fraser, K., Jacob, A., Martins, E., Orihel, D., Pittman, J., Polfus, J., Shuster, R., Otto, S., Palen, W., Venter, O., and Ford, A.  2019. National contributions to global ecosystem values. Conservation Biology.  DOI: 10.1111/cobi.13284 

  10. Davies, K.T.A., and Brillant, S. 2019. Mass human-caused mortality spurs federal action to protect endangered North Atlantic right whales in Canada.  Marine Policy 104: 157-162 

Previous Labs

  1. Fraser, K.C., Davies, K.T.A., Davy, C., Ford, A.T., Flockhart, D.T. and Martins, E. 2018. Tracking the conservation promise of movement ecology. Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution 6(150):1-8. doi: 10.3389/fevo.2018.00150 

  2. Meyer-Gutbrod, E., Greene, C. and Davies, K.T.A. 2018. Marine species range shifts necessitate advanced policy planning: the case of the North Atlantic right whale. Oceanography 31(2).  

  3. Davies, K.T.A., Taggart, C.T. and Smedbol, R.K. 2015c. Interannual variation in diapausing copepod concentration and associated water masses in a continental shelf basin, and implications for copepod buoyancy.  Journal of Marine Systems 151: 35-46 

  4. Davies, K.T.A., Taggart, C.T., Vanderlaan, A.S.M. and Smedbol, R.K. 2015b. Oceanographic connectivity between right whale critical habitats in Canada and its influence on whale abundance indices during 1987 - 2009.   Journal of Marine Systems 150: 80-90 

  5. Davies, K.T.A., Gentleman, W.C., Johnson, C.L. and DiBacco, C. 2015a.  Fisheries closed areas strengthen scallop larval settlement and connectivity among closed areas and across international open fishing grounds: a model study. Environmental Management 56: 587-602 DOI: 10.1007/s00267-015-0526-9 

  6. Davies, K.T.A., Gentleman, W.C., Johnson, C.L. and DiBacco, C., 2014b. Semi-annual spawning in marine scallops strengthens larval recruitment and connectivity on Georges Bank: a model study.  Marine Ecology Progress Series 516: 209 - 227 

  7. Davies, K.T.A., Taggart, C.T. and Smedbol, R.K. 2014a. Water masses define the diapausing copepod distribution and right whale critical habitat on the Scotian Shelf.  Marine Ecology Progress Series 497: 69 - 85 

  8. Davies, K.T.A., Ross, T. and Taggart, C.T. 2013. Tidal and sub-tidal current affect deep aggregations of right whale prey, Calanus spp., along a shelf-basin margin.  Marine Ecology Progress Series 479: 263 – 282  

  9. Davies, K.T.A., Ryan*, A. and Taggart, C.T. 2012. Measured and inferred gross energy content in diapausing Calanus spp. in a Scotian Shelf Basin.  Journal of Plankton Research 34(7): 614-625  

  10. Tunnicliffe, V., Davies, K.T.A., Butterfield, D., Embley, R., Rose, J. and Chadwick, W. 2009. Survival of mussels in extremely acidic waters on a submarine volcano. Nature Geoscience 2: 344-348 DOI:10.1038/NGEO500 


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