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Kim Davies

Lab Head and Associate Professor

     Kim Davies was born and raised on Vancouver Island in British Columbia where she was inspired at an early age by the wonders of the sea. Her specializations are biological oceanography, marine mammal foraging ecology, and marine conservation science.  

     As a co-op student, she was very lucky to secure a job as a scientific diver which took her all around the coast of B.C. and introduced her to the plight of endangered species. She began her career as an Honors student studying ocean acidification in hydrothermal vent systems, which inspired an interest in oceanography.  For her PhD, she studied the oceanographic processes in foraging habitat of North Atlantic right whales. She went on as a postdoc to explore numerical modelling of coupled biological-physical oceanographic systems, studying scallop connectivity and plankton productivity dynamics. As a Liber Ero Fellow, she began a glider research program in 2014, studying the application of autonomous vehicles for exploring the ocean to find whale habitats.


     She received her PhD in Oceanography from Dalhousie University and her undergraduate degree in Biology from the University of Victoria.

     In her free time, Kim enjoys painting, gardening, reading, puzzles, and playing her fiddle. She spends every moment she can exploring the magical world of Prince Edward Island. She is also a mom of 2 young rambunctious kids!

Twitter: @kim_davies12


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